PeerAnswer Guidelines

Failure to follow these guidelines will lead to the suspension of your account


Question Etiquette:

Keep the questions academic and tag them with the appropriate subject. Opinion based questions belong in either Global or the Social tab.

Global Chat and Social Tab:


In addition to the above, we ask you to abide by the below in order to maintain a pleasant environment for the entire community:

Staying Positive - Be friendly and courteous to fellow members.

Providing Help - Explain and guide the user you are providing help to, avoid giving direct answers if feasible. Avoid giving out incorrect answers, and leave a disclaimer if you are unsure of your answer

Giving ThanksRemember to appropriately upvote users for their help.

Following basic internet safety guidelines - Do not request or share personal information.


For questions, comments and concerns, please contact the moderators (embed silver crown image here), admins (embed gold crown image here) or email


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